Here’s a quick video of Wayne King, Realtor.

His background of being raised Amish, his genuine passion for helping others, and his love of motorcycles – make him a unique Realtor! 🙂

Contact Wayne anytime at 717-629-0519 or

  • 26 years of experience in the construction industry.
  • Jennifer and I are a husband and wife team. We’ve been married for a little more than 25 years. (She’s really strong in the marketing area. I’ve got to be out more hands-on, so that’s why I end up working more with buyers & representing them.)
  • I love riding motorcycles. That helps me decompress, de-stress, and gives me energy.
  • I also enjoy other outdoor activities – ATVs, dirt bikes, hunting, shooting.
  • Love shooting pool also. It’s just something that helps me relax, work on a different type of strategy – other than what you deal with in real estate.

Unknown facts:

  • I’m an 80’s hairband guy, and I still play drums sometimes. I played in a band, (a long time ago!) I had hair! (I mean, basically down to my waistline there for a while – and my hair is naturally curly!)
  • I still enjoy the 80’s music, 80’s hairbands, and concerts now and then. We both enjoy live music!
  • My favorite concert was Megadeath and Scorpions because they just play (very little talking!)
  • In 2020, I helped start a charity motorcycle club. (Pennsylvania Riding Club.) The info. can be found here. The focus is to bridge the gap between motorcycle riders & the public, and bring together bikers for a cause – to share hope & raise funds for local families in need, or just to bring smiles to hurting people by doing ‘ride by’ events, etc..

That’s me, Wayne King…If you’re looking for a home for your motorcycle – or your family (LOL) – I’d love to help! You can reach me anytime at 717-629-0519 or I’m not much of a computer guy – so phone & text are usually the best options to reach me quickly! I look forward to hearing from you!

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