How To Choose A Mortgage Lender

How do you choose a mortgage broker? Who are the best mortgage lenders? Find out here as well as more relevant info.! Ready to buy? Give us a call at 717-723-9080. We’d love to help!

Tips on choosing a mortgage lender

Use a lender who’s got a great track record on closing home loans!

When you’re getting ready to buy a home, it’s critical that you choose a lender that you know can complete the job in a smooth and timely fashion.


Sometimes buyers will say “Hey, I found a great rate on the internet. What’s that about? Can I get the same rate locally?” My answer is – it’s always best to use a tried and true lender that your Realtor has experience with. You don’t want some gimmick/proposal for a great rate if the lender hasn’t proven they have a solid history of closing loans on time…. and with the terms agreed upon between lender and buyer(s). We’ve had people choose internet lenders and receive a fabulous rate – only to find out later that although the rate was great there are hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra fees associated with the loan. We want you to have a successful transaction from start to finish!


Pro tips on choosing a lender:

*It’s great to ask your Realtor for recommendations, as they’ve been dealing with lenders for many, many years. There are lenders who do in-house underwriting and there are lenders who send their files to another state…that is a definite point of comparison to think about.

You’ll want them to know your credit score, know your personal financial situation, and be able to guarantee that they can close the loan in a smooth and timely fashion.

The lender will ask for and verify your income(s). They’ll also ask for and verify your assets, as well as your liabilities.

We would love to get you connected with one of our approved lenders that we’ve been working with for many years!  Our job is to partner with you – and your chosen lender – to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible for you!

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