What is the Homestead Farmstead Exclusion?

Info. on Lancaster County, PA, Berks County, PA, and Lebanon County PA Homestead Farmstead exclusion for primary residence.

Homestead Farmstead Exclusion

Homestead Farmstead Tax Exclusion / Tax Reduction

Act 1 of 2006 (formerly Act 72) is known as the Homeowner Tax Relief Act for property owners who own & reside in a primary residence. The Act’s goal is to reduce school district reliance on real property tax, to be achieved by putting in place new funding options, including local personal or earned income taxes and funds derived from gaming. This reduction in property taxes is achieved by applying these new funds to the homestead and farmstead exclusions.

You can read more about the PA homestead exclusion here:

Property Tax Relief Through Homestead Exclusion

For county-specific information and related applications for your exclusion, go here:

Lancaster County, PA Homestead Farmstead

Berks County, PA Homestead Farmstead

Lebanon County, PA Homestead Farmstead

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