Zillow Pre-Foreclosure Homes

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Pre-Foreclosure Homes On Zillow – Too Good To Be True?

I often get calls from clients asking about pre-foreclosure homes on Zillow. Questions like – “When are they available?” and “How can I view them in-person?” In short, it’s not that easy…

Zillow frequently reports anyone who is late on their mortgage and/or property tax payments -but not necessarily in a foreclosure situation. So – while they’re advertised as pre-foreclosure home listings, these homes may or may not be available for purchase.

When looking for a home, it’s best to reach out directly to a local Realtor for a list of all available properties – including ‘short sale’ listings (where the seller owes more to the bank than what they can sell for), and foreclosed homes that ARE available to be viewed and purchased.

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