Home Maintenance: Winter Edition #2

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To-do list in the winter in your home.

Here’s some items that you might think about adding to your to-do list in the winter in your home.

  • If you have a china cabinet,you might consider pulling out all of your dishes, and things that you have in there, washing them, cleaning that whole space out, and putting that back together again, organized, fresh and clean.

  • Consider going through your home ,and dusting the tops of all picture frames, art, and everything that you’ve got hanging on the walls, also the tops of your cabinets.
  • Consider pulling your washer and dryer, away from the wall, cleaning that out, making sure the vent is clean, and also cleaning the floor behind.  Finding all of those lost articles of clothing that got lost in the process of doing laundry is typically another thing that happens when you’re doing that job for sure.  
  • Don’t forget to disconnect the dryer and clean out all of the lint traps and make sure the entire vent, from the point of exhaust at the dryer all the way to the exhaust point on the outside of the home, is clean and free of lint and debris, which can, of course, be a fire hazard.

  • Consider moving your refrigerator, pulling it front, vacuuming the coils on the back, and also giving a real good cleaning to the floor, that is normally covered by your refrigerator, both underneath and behind. Empty everything out and clean it out real good before putting any groceries into the refrigerator. But that’s something that makes a great winter project, Cleaning it all out, emptying it out, washing it down real good and having that neat and clean and fresh for your food for your family.

Winter can, obviously, be flu time or sickness time.

Everybody seems to have some sort of battle with that, at some point during the winter here in Pennsylvania. One of the things that I like to do is to go throughout the home and take a disinfectant, where for me, I’m a Norwex fan.

I like to use my Norwex EnviroCloth to kill all of the bacteria. Wipe down all of your door handles, both on your doors and your cabinets, throughout the home, as well as your drawer pulls, all of those spaces that people are frequently touching, to make sure they’re neat, clean and germ-free.

For the next tip, as you’re cleaning your door handles, cabinet pulls and everything, also think about washing down the inside and or at least the outside of all of your cabinetry.

Don’t forget the light switches. Many people don’t realize how many fingers touch them on a daily basis! Make sure you clean these as well, to limit the spread of germs.

Another great winter project

Consider doing a thorough cleaning of your tubs and or showers. If you have a fiberglass unit, you might think about doing a really good cleaning, making sure the surface is entirely dry and then moving forward and doing whatever you choose. Some people like to use lemon oil.

Some people like to use a floor wax, only on the walls, or you’ll end up falling when you’re in the shower. So keep that in mind, but it does provide a nice finish on that fiberglass and keeps it so much more water resistant and easier to maintain on an ongoing basis.

Finally, do touch up paint on the interior if you can, wherever it’s needed. And that keeps things so
much easier to maintain on an ongoing basis.

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