House Centipedes – What you need to know!

Are you dealing with House Centipedes? Those creepy crawly, 15 pair of leg pests inside your home? Here’s what you should know! We’d love to help! Call 717-723-9080!

House Centipedes tend to look like wiggly mustaches scurrying across the floor. They’re basically nocturnal, but they could indicate that you have a larger pest problem.


Centipedes are insectivores, meaning they eat all the other pests in your home like cockroaches, bedbugs, moths, even earthworms, spiders, & silverfish. So they’re not the worst thing to have around, even though they’re creepy! Keeping your home insect free can be the ticket to also getting rid of your centipedes because they need an ample food source and also moist conditions.


What to do?


So it’s a good idea to check your water sources, any appliances that are water related, and your plumbing fixtures to make sure you don’t have leaks because they will need that food. They tend to dry out and get dehydrated pretty quickly, so they thrive on areas where there are plenty of pests to eat and and moist conditions.


Keep in mind, it’s helpful to run a dehumidifier in your damp areas to eliminate pests, including centipedes. You’ll also want to make sure to caulk around all of your windows and doors and make sure the exterior of your home doesn’t have a lot of debris, leaves, wood, and those kinds of things.  Remove debris around the base of your home that  holds moisture.



Lastly, it can be helpful to put glue traps around the baseboards on the interior. Instead of smashing those ugly, icky centipedes, you may want to consider just moving them to the outside and letting them do their extermination work for you on the exterior of your home.

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