Monthly / Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

Looking for a home maintenance checklist? Here are home maintenance tips for you, from the professionals @ The Jennifer King Team! 717-723-9080

We know homes (and apartments!) are best served when home maintenance is conducted regularly…

While this list may not be 100% comprehensive, it’s modeled after what I (Jennifer) personally use to ensure our home is well maintained year-round!

Remember – scheduling &/or performing routine maintenance can help you avoid costly expenses- by avoiding large repairs that are often the result of deferred maintenance!



  • Move the washer and dryer. Clean underneath.
  • Disconnect the dryer and vacuum lint from lint tray holder.
  • Move refrigerator and clean underneath, top, and sides.
  • Remove shelves & drawers, and clean the inside of the refrigerator.


  • Wash all doorknobs and handles throughout the house with disinfectant
  • Thoroughly clean dishwasher inside and outside.
  • Wash fronts & interiors of all household cabinetry.



  • Thoroughly wash bathtub(s)/shower(s), then wax all sides (not floor!) with floor wax
  • Wash walls (fingerprints, etc.) and touch up the paint as needed throughout the house.
  • Replace all smoke detector batteries with new batteries
  • Empty linen closets, clean and organize.
  • Empty bathroom vanities and closets, clean and organize.


  • Call to schedule a service date for maintenance of central air unit
  • Wash all house windows inside and outside
  • Touch-up any caulking and paint on the exterior of the house as needed around windows, doors, etc..
  • Wash porch/patio areas. 
  • Clean blinds.
  • Wash baseboards and touch up paint as needed.
  • Thoroughly clean all ceiling fans.
  • Remove spider webs from ceilings etc.


  • Aerate the lawn
  • Spread grass seed on bare spots in the lawn
  • Spread fertilizer on the lawn 
  • Thoroughly clean water features (ponds, pools, hot tubs, etc.)
  • Replace filter on the central air conditioner unit


  • Replace filter on the central air conditioner unit.
  • Empty the freezer, defrost, then thoroughly clean and organize as you restock.



  • Replace filter on the central air conditioner unit




  • Replace filter on the central air conditioner unit
  • Thoroughly clean dishwasher inside and outside




  • Call for the heating system to be serviced and replace the filter on the furnace
  • Replace all smoke detector batteries with new batteries
  • Check foundation of the house for and re-grade as needed to keep moisture away from the foundation
  • Check all downspouts and gutters, to ensure all are in working order and routed away from the house (ideally 6’ from the foundation)



  • Empty and clean water features (ponds, hot tub, pool, etc.) & prepare for the off-season
  • Install bird feeders

  • Clean grill and store for winter
  • Empty pantry. Discard any out-of-date items. Thoroughly clean, then organize as you restock.



  • Clean gutters and downspouts of all debris.

  • Clean oven (or self-clean oven)
  • Touch up or repair/replace any floors as needed





  • Wash all holiday items/serving ware

  • Dust pictures on the wall and all light fixtures





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