PA Real Estate Forms: Seller’s Property Disclosure

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What is a Seller’s Property Disclosure?



In PA, we currently have a 10-page Seller’s Property Disclosure. It’s legally required that most sellers must complete. (There are a few exceptions, which you’ll see outlined on the disclosure form.)


  • New construction doesn’t require a Seller’s Property Disclosure form.

  • If the property is being conveyed from one party to the other co-owner through divorce proceedings, then the disclosure is not generally required.

The Seller’s Property Disclosure is a very critical component during a real estate transaction. On the disclosure, a seller (or sellers) are going to be revealing everything they know about the property.

If in doubt, disclose! For example, if your roof had a leak, you’d answer “yes,” the roof had a leak and then complete the description of what happened, how it was fixed, and whether or not any related issues remain..

Sellers Property Disclosure – A Summary


Sellers often find that it takes a fair amount of time to complete the disclosure. We recommend that you get a copy of it in advance of your appointment with a Realtor so that you can gather the information you need in order to properly complete the form.

If in doubt – disclose, disclose, disclose to keep yourself covered. (CYA!)

On the Sellers Property Disclosure, you will see lots of little boxes. Every single box, the entire way through the entire 10 pages must be completed to ensure that you’re in compliance with the sellers property disclosure laws.


Lead-Based Paint Hazard Disclosure Form

There’s an additional one-page document called the Residential Lead-Based Hazards Disclosure form. This is a one page disclosure. It’s required for all properties built prior to 1978. In 1978, the use of lead paint was discontinued when related health hazards were discovered.

The forms can be a little confusing. We encourage you to obtain a copy of the forms in advance of listing (or in advance of your appointment with your Realtor. Take your time going through them, make notes of anything you have questions about, and work with your agent to complete the forms in their entirety. A lot of our clients prefer to fill these out electronically, and we’re happy to initiate that process.

Here are sample copies of the Seller Property Disclosure  & Lead Paint Disclosure so that you can review – and also understand what’s required on these important disclosures.

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