The Purrfect Litter Box For Your Furry Friends

Are you a cat lover? Below are some great litter box options. We’d love to help! Call 717-723-9080!

Cove Litter Box

The Cove litter box is a new release to the market and features an integrated dustpan and also a brush. It was developed to be easy to clean and look nice in your home.

Litter Box Cabinet

You might want to consider this litter box cabinet to keep your litter box neat, clean and out of sight. Just make sure the cat can get access in and out.

Top Entry Litter Box

Top entry litter boxes can also be nice because your furry friends can get in and out of the top of the litter box. They come in some pretty cool designs, adding some aesthetics to your litter box, since it is a necessity when you’ve got furry friends at home.

End Table Litter Box

How about an end table?There are even end tables that are available these days! Check these out:

by Tucker Murphy Pet 

by New Age Pet

Corner Litter Box

If you’re tight on space, you might want to consider a litter box option that fits right into the corner

Litter Box that double as a planter


You might consider a litter box that’s also doubles as a planter which will also make your home even more appealing with plants and without an unsightly litter box.

Litter Box comes with a scratch pad

Some litter boxes even come with a scratch pad. This is a pretty cool option to keep the kitties away from your furniture and scratching things that you don’t want damaged.


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