Relocating To Lancaster County, PA? 10 Interesting Facts About The Amish

Have you ever thought about the Amish culture? Do you question ‘who are the Amish’? Explore info. on the Lancaster County Amish life here!

Top 10 fascinating facts about the Amish

While there is no “Amish village” where all Amish people reside, Lancaster County, PA is, in fact, home to a large segment of Amish people that make up part of its population.

Jennifer King’s husband, Wayne, was raised in the Amish faith & culture, and Jennifer was raised in the Mennonite faith & culture. With a heritage abundant in honesty, strong morals and work ethics, these traits carry through in the business practices of The Jennifer King Team.

Have questions about Lancaster County & its rich Amish & Mennonite culture? Wayne & Jennifer are always happy to chat about their heritage!

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