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We’re in the heart of Lancaster city at Tellus360. There are four levels of entertainment – bars, live bands and many events weekly! Check out Tellus360 on King street in Lancaster city, Pennsylvania. Thinking of moving in Lancaster County, PA? Call The Jennifer King Team @ 717-723-9080!

An Interview:

Bill: I’m Bill Speakman and I’m the music and event manager at Tellus360.

Jennifer: So Bill, tell us a little bit about Tellus30.

Bill: Tellus360 is an ever-evolving sort of place, so a very big building – built in the 1960’s here right in downtown Lancaster. We have multiple bars on multiple levels. We have multiple stages for concerts, and we have event space for private events and weddings. We do a little bit of everything. Kind of everything fun – we do it!

Jennifer: Absolutely walkable from the Marriott and center city.

Bill: Yeah, it’s literally in the shadow of the Marriott right here, which is really great ’cause we do a lot of things like weddings. People can book blocks of rooms, and people can walk right across the alley to get back to their hotel which is really nice.

Being right here in downtown Lancaster is incredible, it’s an amazing city. I live about a block outside the city, it’s a 1.2 mile walk to work, so it’s just perfect for me.

Jennifer: So what would draw people here to the city? I get a lot of questions from people asking “why would I come to Lancaster? What is there to do?” What kind of scene do you have in Lancaster for nightlife? I thought perhaps you could speak to that.

Bill: – Sure, living in Lancaster is really advantageous, for a lot of reasons, it’s more affordable than a lot of other cities. You’re very close to Baltimore, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and you can still come home after you’ve gone to one of those cities. It’s a beautiful place to live, and a very walkable city.

There’s a lot more to do here than people realize. A lot of people are familiar with rural tourism and the outlets and things like that, but downtown is fantastic! We’ve got so many great places to eat! We’ve got great nightlife. We’ve got great visual arts venues – and for a city this size, you can still get to know everyone! It’s a small town, and it’s got a lot to offer.

Jennifer: My husband and I have grown up in Lancaster County and it’s been so cool to watch this all evolve. One of our favorite things is all of the mom and pop – local, independently-owned places! I think that’s a really special thing in Lancaster. We have so many non-franchised, non-chain venues where we can go out and hang out – and meet with other people from the county and people visiting here. I think it’s just a really special part of Lancaster Co. life.

Bill: You have coffee shops and coffee roasters…We’ve got Square One coffee, we’ve got Passenger Coffee, lots of things like that! And – the antique shops along North Queen Street are fantastic -so many great little antique shops!

Jennifer: So if people wanna check out more, or check out what events you have going on, what’s your website?


Check out the website for current events! We hope to see you at Tellus360! Don’t forget to check out the rooftop dining while you’re here!



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