Moving To Lancaster County PA

Moving to Lancaster PA? Here are some of the reasons this is MY favorite place – and a great place to live and raise your family! Considering a move to the area? Call us anytime at 717-723-9080 or email!

Moving To Lancaster County PA


Why would you move to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania? Let’s explore this…

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I am a lifelong resident of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

I often get a question from people, “Why do people move to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania?” There are so many great things about living here, and I’d love to share just a few with you!

We’ve got a culturally rich heritage here, with lots of Amish and Mennonite people groups. Personally, I was raised Mennonite. My husband was raised Amish – and so, we’re very well-grounded in this Lancaster County community, and love it here!

The other things that we love about the area are that:
1. It is so close to large cities, making it convenient for commuting and getting there easily. We’ve got Amtrak service directly to Philadelphia, New York City and Newark International Airport directly from Lancaster City via Amtrak as well.

2. We’ve got Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland beaches in just a two to three-hour drive.

3. We are within several hours’ driving time to Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.. We’ve got an international airport nearby: Harrisburg International Airport. It’s actually just across the Lancaster County line. We’ve got a small regional airport within the county: Lancaster Regional. And – we’ve got just about every kind of store, homemade baked goods, home-grown produce and everything that you can imagine.

4. Lancaster City is a fun place – and one of my favorites. They do a first Friday event, at least through most of the year, when the weather is suitable; and the galleries and the restaurants will often stay open later than normal. Sometimes there’s live music. It’s a really fun time to walk around town! It kind of gives you a “beach/boardwalk” vibe, since there’s a lot of people walking around town. Lititz, PA which was recently nominated as America’s coolest small town, is also a great place to visit & does a similar event, on the second Friday of every month.

5. Another thing that I love about living in Lancaster is that we have so many farmers and farm produce stands, roadside. Literally, you can drive down the road, and pull off at these little roadside family-owned stands, and you get the best freshest veggies, and fruit, locally grown! It’s fantastic. Love it! I’m not a gardener, but I love my veggies and my fresh fruit. So, it’s great! You can find a list of some of them by clicking here! Enjoy!!

6. There are also a ton of homemade baked goods. We are famous in Lancaster County for our whoopie pies. You’ll find my favorite recipe by clicking here! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically chocolate, heavenly goodies with cream in the middle. We’re also known for our shoofly pie, which has its name because you’ve got to shoo the flies away from the sweet, sticky mix if it’s a hot day. It’s lots of molasses, lots of brown sugar. It’s pretty much a sugary treat, and it’s great warmed up and served with vanilla ice cream.

So, these are just a few things that I love about living in Lancaster. We’ve got a great blend of farms, we’ve got a great blend of arts and culture in the city, and it’s just a fabulous place to live and to raise your family.

Again, I’ve been here my entire life. If I can ever answer any questions or you’d like to visit Lancaster and need suggestions, please feel free to reach out. I live in Lancaster County, and I’d love to help.

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