PA Real Estate Forms: Standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate

Ready to sell? Call Jennifer @ 717-723-9080! Are you considering selling your home? You should know what’s in the listing contract when you hire a realtor in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Listing Contract


In addition to the consumer notice, which you should have signed with an agent you’ve met with because that’s a requirement by Pennsylvania law, there is also a listing contract.

We personally tend to use the exclusive Right to Sell contracts for our listings in Pennsylvania. That means that we are working exclusively for you, we are your sole agent and the only agent you’ve got a listing contract signed with. We will be always working in your best interest and the terms of the contract are negotiable. So they will include commission rate, they will include the term of the contract, what services will be provided and what inclusions you’re going to leave with the property, what exclusions you’re removing from the property and so much more.



PA Listing contract

Here is a sample copy of the listing contract for your review so that you can review – and also understand what it means when you sign one.

You can read all about it here and download a sample listing contract here!

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