Smart Home 2019 – Favorite Items

All of our favorite smart home products in one spot!

“Smart Home” Recommendations From The Jennifer King Team


Smart Doorbells

Simplify your life with a video/smart doorbell! Some of our favorites are here!

Smart Locks

We love these! We’re a fan of the Schlage, which we use personally!

Smart Bulbs

SO easy! Great when you’re traveling too! Turn lights off/on remotely! Love these!

Smart Plugs

Super easy – plug it in, connect & voila! You’ve got this!”Alexa, turn off the lamp!”

Smart Home Technology

Smart Thermostats

From personal experience, Jennifer’s preference is the Nest thermostat – although the ecobee is a close 2nd.

Smart Garage Door Systems

Ok – how cool is THIS?! We haven’t tried these yet – but they’re on our radar!

Smart Security Systems

We are fans of the SimpliSafe system – easy, reliable & budget-friendly!

Smart TV’s

Enough said! Everyone needs one!

Smart Cleaning

OH.My.Gosh! This will revolutionize your life!

Jennifer’s favorite handy home helper is the iRobot Roomba! (So much so, that she eventually bought a 2nd!) Check them out here! The perfect gift for the working man or woman!

Smart Appliances

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post of some of our favorites! Check them out – and we’d love to have your feedback!

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