How To Sell A Home During Divorce

selling a home during divorce

Divorce and real estate – it’s a tricky combination, but hiring someone with experience can make the difference! For your free consultation, contact Jennifer @ 717-723-9080!

Tips For Selling Your Home!

Ready to sell your home? Here are some critical selling tips for preparing your home for sale! Feel Free to Check Out My Guides “The Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide” and “How to Prepare Your Home For Sale” View your home from the buyers’ vantage point. Step out to the street and view your home. What … Continued

Five Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Home Sale

pic of number 5 painted on home exterior door

Many sellers who are preparing to sell their homes – do things like making minor repairs, cleaning carpet, updating paint, etc.. Making the appropriate updates & upgrades may help set your home apart! However, here are some additional items to consider: 1. Invisible Gas. Radon gas is found all over the United States and is a … Continued

Avoid These Emotional Mistakes When Selling A House

person with head in hand, indicating failure or mistakes

Selling a home is a complex, multi-step process. It’s not uncommon for sellers with the best of intentions to make emotional mistakes when selling. Fortunately, most of these errors are preventable – most, in fact, involve swallowing your pride so that you can act in your own best interests. It helps to keep your emotional distance, and to … Continued