Easy Fix For Scratches On Your Hardwood Floors!

Step 1: Grab a walnut. (Yes, a walnut!) Use a raw walnut. Make sure it’s not candied or cooked in any way. Step 2: Rub the walnut on the scratch. Rub the walnut in the same direction as the wood grain. It should take just a few swipes with the walnut to help make the … Continued

Tips For Selling Your Home!

Ready to sell your home? Here are some critical selling tips for preparing your home for sale! View your home from the buyers’ vantage point. Step out to the street and view your home. What are the first things you notice? Is your front exterior neat, clean & in good repair? Has the lawn been … Continued

Five Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Home Sale

Many sellers who are preparing to sell their homes – do things like making minor repairs, cleaning carpet, updating paint, etc.. Making the appropriate updates & upgrades may help set your home apart! However, here are some additional items to consider: 1. Invisible Gas. Radon gas is found all over the United States and is a … Continued

Benefits Of Accepting A Cash Offer On A House

Sometimes cash is king. While cash often brings strength to an offer, and you don’t risk the volatility of a buyer who is subject to getting a mortgage to buy your property, is the cash offer always the right deal for your home sale? The Appeal of Cash:  The first thing you need to address … Continued

What You Need To Know About Capital Gains & Real Estate Sales

Ten Things You Need To Know About Capital Gains Tax When you sell your property, the IRS may exclude up to $250,000 of your capital gain from your taxes if single, and up to $500,000 if married, and filing a joint tax return. Many homeowners take advantage of this law. Here are the top ten facts every home seller should … Continued

Common Real Estate Terminology

Whether you’re planning on buying or selling real estate, you’re going to hear all kinds of real estate terminology that you may not be familiar with. Knowing these terms may make it easier to communicate knowledgeably, thereby making the home buying or home-selling process much easier. Here are a number of real estate terms that … Continued

Renting vs Selling – Pros & Cons

Some homeowners consider renting their property, often with the belief that they will receive good solid rental income during the rental period. Renting has definite pros, but also some cons you should consider. One of those areas that a landlord may assume will offer a huge break is with regard to paying taxes on rental … Continued